K. Thanawat Steel Center Co., Ltd.
Selling international quality steel
Complete cycle for more than 30 years

Company information

K.TANAWAT STEEL CENTER COMPANY LIMITED, also known as KT STEEL was established since 1991 to operate a comprehensive business of importing and distributing metal products for over 30 years of experience. We have served our customers in both wholesale and retail markets covering all parts of various industries, including steel, reinforced steel bars, steel plates, as well as structural steel products including steel beams, steel angle bars and channel sections which have been certified to international standards, namely Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) and American Society for testing and Material (ASTM).

​With more than 30 years of experience, KT STEEL commits to continuously improve, in cooperation with certified research centers of both public and private sectors, to conduct research, development, and product qualification in order to deliver products under qualification standards and also meets customer requirements. Furthermore, KT STEEL gives priority to traceability standards to the source of the products in order for customers to be confident in the quality of every product received from KT STEEL.

In addition to our offered a wide variety of products, customers can make all completed orders of steel products in one place. KT STEEL also has a team of expert engineers to provide you with complete and accurate information, as well as the supervision of the delivery system to be able to deliver products on time. This is to assure customers that KT STEEL is a true friend who is ready to stand by and grow together with the customer’s business sustainably.